Ron’s Bio

I got my start shooting the Stones in Chicago in 1966, with a Kodak instamatic. Frustrated, I got a couple of “real” cameras (both meterless, a Nikon Nikkorex F & a Leica M3), and landed a summer job with the Chicago Tribune, going full-time after graduation. I shot the Democratic Convention Chicago Riots, and my first three music assignments were Jefferson Airplane, Jimi Hendrix and Janis Jopin. In 1970 I moved to Boston and have been here since.

In 1973 I started working with AEROSMITH and did much of their photography through the late 80’s. I also linked-up with BOSTON, ELTON JOHN, QUEEN, LIZA MINELLI, J.GIELS, THE CARS, MEATLOAF & TED NUGENT, doing album, publicity and tour photography. At the same time I was doing assignment work for Rolling Stone, Creem, Circus, Hit Parader etc. I still work with BOSTON (Corporate America CD & Summer of 2003 tour photography).

I broadened my photographic interests as the music scene became more corporate. Getting access to bands became too restrictive and copyright issues became a thorny problem.

While Virginia Lohle at Starfile Agency in NYC sells the usage rights to my rock images, I now also do work for commercial/corporate clients & magazines. I do B&W portraiture and even B&W documentary wedding coverage. Nonetheless, the biggest thrill is still shooting live concerts. There is nothing as rewarding as capturing a split second of high energy, be it Springsteen, Mick or a club band. I was lucky to have had the full access I did in the early, “golden days” of rock photography, when the MUSIC was the bottom line.